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‘She Does Not Fear the Snow’ has reached #1 in the Kindle eBooks Biographies & Memoirs Freebie Charts. It was also # 1 in Messianic Judaism.

People are messaging me that this book is preventing them from doing the chores because they can’t put it down.

It has 47 reviews over the three Amazons – .com, .ca and – with an average of 4.3 stars, 20 more on Goodreads.

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It all began in a Jerusalem church where, as a Jew, I thought I wasn’t supposed to be. Jesus claimed me there and laid a trail of miracles that led me from my native England to a new life and a new husband of faith in Atlantic Canada. It’s a Ruth story of God’s call in the Land of Israel and receiving His blessings of love.

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‘Compelling’, Captivating’, ‘An honest, touching memoir’, ‘A thrilling reminder of God’s Father heart’  : 


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Cover Notes

Bobbie Ann Cole’s inspirational full-length memoir charts her personal journey to faith and redemption.

Broken by cancer and the failure of her marriage, she visits Israel, seeking direction and new meaning for her life. As a Jew, she is amazed when she has a profound spiritual experience in a Jerusalem church, where she’s not even supposed to be.

Her experience of Christian worship and the prophecies she receives there mark the start of a chain of supernatural events, through which God reveals His purposes to her.

Like biblical Ruth, she is claimed in the Land of Israel. Like her, she will need to find the courage to set out from her homeland for a strange land — in Bobbie’s case from England to Atlantic Canada — if she is to meet and marry her Boaz and rebuild her life.

She Does Not Fear the Snow is an uplifting and moving account of one woman’s spiritual transformation and the blessings that flow from it.

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